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(and also expand the sample set to a much longer time frame)

Sure - it only started to collect data about 10 hours ago but that's certainly the plan.. though I've realized it's already useful for me to catch up with HN while I was asleep.

Regarding animation, thanks for the idea. I'm really just a JavaScript "dabbler" but I'll have a think about how it could be done. Rather than just rendering a JSON file into HTML it seems I'd need to start storing the data as it comes in and perform manipulations as necessary. This might be a bit too much for me for a quick project but I'm open sourcing the code so it could happen.

Check out Quicksand, a jQuery plugin for animating lists as they reorder or change:


Interesting idea. I built http://hckrnews.com/ so that it would be easier to track what is new as well as catch up on what had been posted since my last visit. I'm not sure why I'd visit this instead?

I like that.

However, the reason I'm currently visiting mine is that it's great to see how the front page looked merely hours ago. I'm familiar with the "top 30" and stuff can fall off of it so fast. A site like yours is okay and the info looks nice but it's a "different" thing to the HN front page, less of a facsimile.

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