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Oh neat! (I'm working on using Joy in a practical way, I had an implementation in Python but it turns out Prolog is more conducive: https://osdn.net/projects/joypy/scm/hg/Joypy/blobs/tip/thun/...)

> Unfortunately, it was that “nontrivial” aspect that I could never get past. The language always ended up insufficiently powerful to express anything of interest, its algebraic structure was trivial (e.g. there’s only one program), or it ended up having a weaker structure (e.g. an idempotent semiring). Chris Pressey also worked on this concept a bunch around 2007, and produced some results like Cabra² and Burro³, but ran into similar dead ends like Potro⁴.

Maybe that in itself is an important result?

> Maybe that in itself is an important result?

Well, I didn’t have the skills to actually prove the negative then, I was just never able to find a positive example. Still not convinced that it’s impossible, if I ever get back to it, or someone wants to pick it up as a problem to tinker with.

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