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I find that my problem isn't finding services that match a requirement I have, but picking which one to use. It's totally overwhelming how many services do pretty much exactly the same thing these days.

I love that it's like this in the sense that there's healthy competition and they're all pushing each other forward, giving each other ideas to improve, etc... but as a pure consumer of these services, it's incredibly daunting to actually choose which to use.

I very much feel like this as well (on both counts), especially about CI.

I'd love to hear any strategies folksight have for coping with this and actually making decisions without looking into every single option, if that's a thing.

What I like to do sometimes is contact the support of the apps I'm hesitating on. Whichever is most responsive/helpful wins, as it's a good sign they actually care.

I hadn't thought of that, but it sounds like a useful thing to test out. Thanks!

yep that is a Massive data-point i use as well.

One tactic is to try one for 30m; if you can't get it working in that time, try another. Obviously biases toward good "getting started" tutorial and ease of adoption.

We from https://saasmark.com are aiming to solve this exact problem. We are currently in Y Combinator Startup School and are launching our beta in a couple of weeks. In case you are interested to check our service and give us some useful feedback, please let us know.

Fast forward to the future, where I will have to choose and pick the right saas evaluation service to help me pick and choose my saas stack.

I hope somebody is working on something already :^)

If you are really good you should have SaaS product evaluation results in your front page with links to competitors :)

.. where the one giving the best kickback wins? :)

I like to look for tools and services that have the most integrations with other products as well as a feature rich API so I can integrate my tooling with it.

Alternatively, trying to decide to pay for an off the shelf solutions or build it yourself (medium sized company).

Only build it yourself if you can really afford it. Usually it's faster to use a third party tool

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