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If you don’t mind the wait to compile rustc from source once (only for tools written in rust, of course), linuxbrew is a pretty neat way of keeping tools that aren’t directly on your distro’s repos up-to-date. Nix is another option.

Oh that's very interesting, thank you! Do you know if Nix works well with Ubuntu? I'd love to use it but I didn't think it would play well with apt.

It stands separate from apt, yes.

linuxbrew tryikg to install stuff at a non standard location like /home/linuxbrew makes me question their technical decisions to get started with it.

I agree that `/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew` looks weird, but `~/.linuxbrew` seems somewhat okay.

Other locations like `/usr/local` or `/opt/linuxbrew` or somesuch might not be writable by the current user, and it seems they would like to avoid requiring root access.

How would /home/linuxbrew/ be writeable by a non root?

Using /home/ like /opt/ is just weird. It seems the installer picks ~/.linuxbrew/ if the user doesn't have sudo privilege but no idea how it got to the conclusion of using /home/linuxbrew/ otherwise.

I agree with you about `/home/linuxbrew`. `/opt/linuxbrew` would be better.

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