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I am going to guess that it means there is a thirst for more artist submissions. There is not enough color in the links submitted these days - so the slightest bit of color grabs the attention.

I upvoted this because I want more that is in this vein, though I also don’t think its algorithm is worthless - it is good to start somewhere. (Personally, I find it ‘wrong’ that the Equifax article right now is first! Not that it is unworthy - just that I don’t care to read it.)

If you're eager to find more "creative coding" type works. Going on instagram and using hashtags like #creativecoding are a great way to find amazing work. Also twitter is a great source of absolutely mind-blowing artistic work that leverages technology. I've spent far too much time just browsing all the amazing stuff out there.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the demoscene yet, because that is literally the most prominent intersection of programming and art (both in the traditional and programming sense.)

Visit pouet.net and watch some demos for inspiration. Some of them have appeared on HN too:



Ok, I did this - this is great, there are some 'neat'/'inspiring' things there. A few other questions for you:

* How do I find more hashtags? I would have never found #creativecoding - is it known to be a community or is it just an ad hoc hashtag like #lostinthehashtags (which I just made up - but which has posts!) I guess what I'm saying is - I don't sense that these hashtags are a community - or are they?

* As 'neat'/'inspiring' as these are, they are mostly only (very small) images and (very short) clips. I ultimately can't see myself using Instagram or Twitter much because you just kind of skim and can't go deeper. They lack the 'hypertext'. (This is similarly to the OP's trouble with this post just being a simple 'box algorithm' - where do I go for more?

* Most of these look like art I've seen on t-shirts or album covers. Dating back even to the seventies. It is still beautiful and remarkable - but I can't help but wonder: Where is innovation happening in tech+art?

I will say that I do follow a lot of things happening in vaporwave - any idea what else is happening out there? Thank you for your time, HammadB. I am eager.

> is it known to be a community

indeed, also look up "new media art". Also, obligatory https://www.openprocessing.org/

... and obligatory self-promotion - I work in the field on a sequencer for creative coding : https://ossia.io

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