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Thankfully, that page also links to their 'transparency report', which provides some of the raw numbers.

The 96% you state is 237/247. Numerator is grads who accepted employment within 120 days. Denominator is grads who were unemployed and working with the bootcamp's career programme.

But only 76 of those 237 were regular full-time positions. Another 78 were apprenticeships which led to full time employment.

The total number of grads was 388 (i.e. much higher than the 247 denominator).

The least generous ratio you can come up with from the supplied figures is 76 (# full-time jobs) * 97% (% technical) / 388 (# grads), which gives 19%.

Gotta love bootcamp accounting.

Personally I’d count apprenticeships; getting your foot in the door is generally the hardest part. That gives a meh 64.9%.

Not far off most bootcamps to be honest, but a far cry from 97%.

If you count the apprenticeships that resulted in a full time job at the same place (i.e. where it got the person a foot in the door), then the numerator is 76+78=154

That's 40% of 388 total grads.

Ok I take it back that’s still really bad

Thanks! I didn't notice that they would send you a report.

It's nice that they provide it. I understand why they use such misleading statistics, it just hard to trust people that do.

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