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I wouldn't call being able to take care of yourself a soft skill. Laundry, cooking, finance; all hard skills required to survive.

Reading this whole thread, I really don't get it. This guy has to have fucked up a lot to get to this point, and noen of those details were evaluated in the article.

My own grandmother is a hardcore christian, and I am an "atheist". At no point in my life have I ever burned so many bridges as to not be able to stay with her if things got bad enough. It reads like the childish mind of some edgy early 2000s 15 year old trying to rationalize why their family is pissed at them.

I read through this whole thing and all I could think of was that this guy is absolutely pathetic for wasting so many opportunities. Sometimes you just deserve the shit you get.

I meant more "getting along with others" (for lack of a better term) than cooking and cleaning. If you want to be a developer you need to be able to work on a team, work with bosses, and even sometimes work with clients.

He seems to have, uhhhh..., burned every bridge he ever had; yet, apparently has absolutely no idea what he's doing to turn everyone else away! Don't want to be too harsh, but that's what is written between the lines. He desperately needs social skills.

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