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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the grammar in your comment implies that he's pushing for "top heavy admininstration-first hierarchies". It seems absolutely ridiculous for Ma, someone who went through the terrible experience of struggling into University in China, taking four years to pass the absolutely brutal entrance exam.

Also, after he graduated with an English degree, he had absolutely no qualifications to get a professional job and he resigned to being a lecturer until he got into Cheung Kong GSB.

To me, it feels like your comment isn't rooted in any foundation and is a manifestation of personal experiences and insecurities, I'm assuming a result of the American higher ed system and its "super expensive degrees".

However cynical you may be, please don't let your past experiences misguide your hope for future improvement.

Saying it with snark is not the same as establishing it factually - usually the former is used when the latter is lacking.

Who knows, maybe we can have an intelligent conversation, expand our knowledge and understanding, and not just repeat partisan small-government talking points.

I don’t really disagree with you, but we’re talking about China here, is the situation even similar there?

(You forgot to link your citation, FYI)

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