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No, in fact my coworkers and I use the term "orthogonal", which is synonymous with perpendicular, to mean two uncorrelated things. It's a statistics term.

Orthogonal is from linear algebra or geometry, a generalization of perpendicular. Perpendicular implies only two dimensions.

I'd expect George P. to remember that from the dozens of PhDs.

One of the funnier random comments I've ever read on HN.

"Synonymous" doesn't have a logically descriptive definition, but it's definitely not the same as saying "identical". OP was flat out trying to use perpendicular to mean something that doesn't make sense based on its typical usage.

i for one have enjoyed this tangent off the main topic of conversation

You might be more correct than the other guy, but I'm holding you to a higher standard, Wramblin' Wreck.

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