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Have you looked at the GitHub profile? Don't want to be harsh, but it looks like he never really learned how to code either, which is kind-of sad. I'm not a stickler for education, but there's something to be said for at least finishing highschool; you learn how to learn if nothing else.

Did we look at the same GitHub profile? I see a Conway's Game of Life implementation in Python [1], a few (admittedly simple) games in Python and Lua, a web framework written in Lua [2], a web app in Lua using said framework [3], and a host of other experiments in JS, Ruby and PHP.

IMO this is the work of someone who could become a great asset to any software development team.

[1]: https://github.com/jessehorne/life

[2]: https://github.com/jessehorne/kolba

[3]: https://github.com/jessehorne/glance

It's a bit basic yes, but I wouldn't say it showed he never learned to code or what not. I mean, not everyone posts all their work on GitHub or similar services, and quite a few developers don't even have a portfolio of any kind.

Someone's GitHub presence isn't necessarily a good judge of their skill as a developer, nor how much experience they've had in general.

I gave a quick look only because I'm on mobile but I'm really curious about what makes you say that. He might not be incredible but your comment makes it seem like he knows absolutely nothing which I wouldn't say it's true

I did not, only read through the Medium article/blog. As you alluded to, high school provides more than just standard book education. Those 4 years you learn how to deal with people, relationships, politics of an organization, how problems affecting more than a few people are solved/planned, how to deal with rejection etc... These are skills he now needs to learn in the real world that carry greater risks outside of learning them in high school.

I'm not sure how to efficiently parse a GitHub profile but in what way does it indicate he never learned how to code?

Most of the projects are straight forks with no additions, or puerile flatline dumps of boilerplate - generated structures with little to no meat. I don't want to put anyone down, he's obviously in a tough situation, but I maybe would've left the GitHub link out, it doesn't add anything (positive) to the story.

The GitHub may be insufficient evidence that he is a good coder, but it doesn't strike me as evidence that he "never learned to code", yet that is what you said, and that is the impression people will be left with if they do not check for themselves.

I looked at the GitHub expecting to genuinely find actual examples of really bad code due to your statement, but that is not what I found, mostly I found a pretty empty GitHub, which is not too interesting, I know lots of perfectly good coders with empty GitHubs or no GitHubs at all.

> maybe would've left the GitHub link out, it doesn't add anything (positive) to the story

That is another matter, unrelated to you saying they "never learned to code" without, what it looks like, any evidence.

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