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Amplemarket (YC W14) Seeks Software Engineer in Lisbon, Portugal
6 months ago | hide
Amplemarket.com is a Y Combinator-backed fast-growing tech startup with headquarters in San Francisco and Lisbon, Portugal.

We are looking for a software engineer to join our team in Lisbon. We have a preference for a full stack developer with a focus on frontend (not mandatory).

This is a unique opportunity to work with a team of MIT-alumni that built other great projects like fermatslibrary.com.

If interested, please email team@amplemarket.com.

Some things about this position: - Work directly with the co-founders - Lots of autonomy and impact - Competitive salary and equity - Ship new features every week - Our stack: Rails, React, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch

Perks: - Join a fast growing startup - Opportunities to grow within the company - Competitive salary - Annual paid trip to headquarters in San Francisco

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