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United Airlines Made Its App Stop Working on My Phone (techdirt.com)
1 point by mreome 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

I think there is a very interesting discussion to be had here about the obsolescence of mobile devices, and computing devices in general, through software end-of-support. There seems like there are both social and environmental concerns to consider.

Mobile technology use continues to increase in segments of the population with limited financial resources. In some parts of the developed world mobile devices are becoming the defacto way to communicate, conduct commerce, and interact politically. What is the impact of limiting the capabilities of the segment of the population unable to regularly update devices?

What is the obligation of a company/industry to make sure their devices continue to be usable as long as possible to reduce waste, and limit pollution from the production of new devices that might otherwise not be needed? The environmental issue is the same one that comes up with any kind of planned obsolescence, but the sheer volume of mobile devices makes the issue more significant than in some other cases.

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