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TetraScience is hiring a Solution Engineer
4 months ago | hide
TetraScience is a cloud-based, data integration company in downtown Boston that provides the scientific community with centralized, standardized, and actionable scientific data to fuel innovation, facilitate collaboration, and accelerate discovery.

The TetraScience Data Integration Platform automatically integrates, normalizes, and validates data from heterogeneous sources, resulting in a centralized set of scientific data from which scientists can draw conclusions, gather insights, and take action. These data sources range from scientific instruments, software systems, and contract researching / manufacturing organizations.

Funded by top tier investors and industry leaders who shares our vision, TetraScience is also part of the YCombinator community and went through the incubation in summer 2015.

TetraScience is looking for a Solution Engineer who shares our interest in facilitating scientific advancement. You will work closely with Solution Architects and the core Product/Engineering team to provide solutions that address customers' data integration needs. If this sounds like a good fit for you, check out the specifics here: https://tetrascience.workable.com/j/0E6BC4BBD8

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