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Server Hangup? (yahoo.com)
23 points by mjfern on Oct 14, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

This has to be Yahoo! Frontpage's first downtime in over a decade. I know we're not supposed to be posting articles about sites being down but: wow. I worked at Yahoo, and I firmly believed that it was literally impossible, at the architectural level, for frontpage to be unavailable.

anyone know the last time Yahoo did go down?

turns out it was only 2009

Maybe they're trying to reinvigorate their young & happening image in the Valley with an extended outage?

Checking to see if Yahoo is back up today is actually the first time I've intentionally gone to www.yahoo.com frontpage in...8 years.

The marquee sidebar ad below the "Trending Now" panel is blatantly empty. The ad that ran this morning took up half the page and then resized. Very intrusive.

Don't advertiser's normally pay for an entire day in that space?

Looks like a DNS issue.

Word from inside is that it is not, but they can't reveal what it actually is.

The saddest part of Yahoo being down, is that it's hardly even news (at least for technical people).

Which is why it's at the top of Hacker News?

It was only on the front page for an hour (at most)*, and then was gone. This entire story only got 18 points. I wouldn't say that counts as a huge story. (Using another metric, slashdot didn't even mention it)

The story about reddit being slightly slower than normal got way more coverage then this one. Maybe if an interesting postmortem comes out we'll see something come of it, but I bet that won't even be hugely covered.

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