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Ooh, so can it do this:

Read in browser: "Party agrees to pay twenty dollars for blues lessons."

Printed version: "Party agrees to pay HIS ETERNAL SOUL to learn to play the blues HAHAHA"

Yes. Absolutely. In fact, you can probably do that without Javascript since PDF supports CSS.

WHY though?

Why what?

Why would PDF support CSS? It's a printing format; your PDF is defined over fixed-size pages. There isn't supposed to be any dynamic layout. You make it the way you want it to look, and then that's what it looks like.

> Why would PDF support CSS? It's a printing format

No, it's not. I mean, print fidelity is where it excels, but that's not all it does. PDF Reflow, for instance, is a designed-in feature.

I could do this in PostScript. In the document, or in a PostScript font.

I am thinking about the difference when rendered ("distilled") into PDF. Hmm. I should test this...

This is why Robert Johnson should have stayed away from Adobe formats in his contract negotiations.

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