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Karuna Health | San Francisco, CA USA | Full-time | Onsite

Without guidance, patients often feel anonymous, isolated, and helpless.

Around the country, teams of health guides, often called “care managers,” work directly with patients to guide them through the healthcare system. The impact these teams have is inspiring, but is expensive and difficult to scale.

At Karuna, we build software that automates common care care coordination tasks so that care management teams can get back to what they do best: being there for patients when they need help the most. We're led by repeat founders, advised by three of the most prominent healthcare leaders in the U.S., and backed by some of the best seed funds on earth (First Round, BoxGroup, etc.). Since day one, helping patients has been part of our DNA. One of our patients told us: "I wish you were available to me when I first started this journey, and I believe that this could be a game changer for battling [my] disease."

We're hiring for Full Stack and Back-end Engineer roles. Some details for both roles:

- Responsibility for bringing Karuna's vision to life. Your input is crucial to everything we build.

- Write code with a deeply technical eng team (co-founder / CTO and two product-focused full-stack engineers).

- Rapidly prototype new features, measure impact, and collaborate with experienced product lead to update our roadmap.

- Take us from demo to production level code as soon as we're experiencing traction.

If you're interested, feel free to PM me or go to https://angel.co/karunahealth/jobs/

Awesome product - I just applied for the PM role listed because I think this could be a game-changer in the industry! If that role is unavailable since you did not mention it in your post above, I would still like to learn more about Karuna Health regardless. Thanks!

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