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Trialspark | Full stack engineers| Full Time | ONSITE (New York, NY)|

Before new medical treatments can be administered to the public, they must demonstrate safety and efficacy in a clinical trial. These trials protect consumers from ineffective and dangerous products, but the clinical trial process also presents a tremendous bottleneck in delivering life-saving treatments to patients.

A typical trial involves coordinating between numerous parties and data formats to gather, store, analyse, and audit clinical data. Mistakes and delays are common, and fewer than 10% of trials finish on time. At Trialspark, we are reimagining the clinical trial process from first principles, and building the technology platform for the trial of the future.

So far, we’ve worked with treatments for Ebola, Depression, and HIV. Our reach is growing rapidly, and building a world class engineering team is core to achieving our mission.

You will be responsible for products that make a difference for patients and physicians across the country. You'll have a strong voice in our organization and product direction. You'll work with a team that puts the patient first, and the best solution ahead of the the existing one.

Some of the projects we’re working on:

+ A state-of-the-art clinical data capture platform to power end-to-end trials + Growth tools to support and guide our trial site expansion + Medical Protocol data ingestion and management tool to support a growing number of trials + Mobile and web applications that provide a seamless clinical trial experience for our patients

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