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PathAI | Boston, MA | https://pathai.com

PathAI is looking for back-end engineers and engineering managers to help detect cancer faster and more accurately while paving the way toward personalized medicine.

We're working with a modern stack using Python/Django/Flask/DRF, alongside a Vue-powered front-end. Services are containerized, and we do our best to have a great engineering environment alongside our regulatory and compliance efforts. We're a technology company working within healthcare, not a healthcare company trying to leverage technology.

We're making some major decisions around the direction of the platform, so we're especially excited to bring on tech leads, but early- and mid-career developers who have great software engineering chops can find a great home here as well.

Work alongside a diverse set of expert technologists, computational biologists, and computer vision scientists – if you're intellectually curious, it's an amazing environment to be in. We're well-funded with strong revenue and growth.

Check out our open positions at https://www.pathai.com/careers/.

Do you consider remote (Europe) work ?

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