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Steady Health | Software Engineers | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

Managing your diabetes well can be the difference between a long, healthy life and heart attack, cardiovascular disease, amputations, and blindness. Today, diabetes care is based on guidelines that are the same for everyone, regardless of motivation, lifestyle and other individual factors.

Steady Health (https://steady.health) is changing diabetes care by leveraging a new technology and dataset, continuous glucose monitors. These sensors let patients track their levels throughout the day without pricking their fingers with complex equipment. We’re building an entirely new clinic experience that use data analysis to help patients understand how diet, physical activity, and medication is impacting their blood sugar levels.

I’m an experienced founder who previously sold a company to Dropbox. My co-founder is an MD who specializes in internal medicine. I’ve also been diabetic for 18 years so between us we know both the patient, and care side, really well.

We're looking for passionate people with a low ego and a drive to learn. Our first clinic will be in San Francisco and we are currently building out our founding engineering and care teams. The company is backed by top funds and angels including former Dropbox CTO and Head of Data Science at Airbnb.

Come and change an important piece of health care with us, email me at henrik@steady.health and read my story https://medium.com/south-park-commons/the-wearable-that-chan...

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