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I've had a few requests for details, so I'll post some of my responses here in the comments.

Re: common technologies

- ASE/SSE: Python is the main language used in these positions. We work in a variety of other languages (Java, C, C++, bash, Perl) as genomic tools are written in all these languages. We've done some experimenting in Rust (https://github.com/stjude/fqlib), and we're just getting started in seeing how Rust might fit into the genomics community.

- BPE: For this position, the ability to work in multiple middle-stack and front-end frameworks is necessary. NodeJS and React/Vue are likely to be the workhorses here.

Re: team/project culture

The St. Jude Cloud team is a little bit like a start-up within St. Jude. All of the positions posted here are software engineering positions, but we all wear many hats on the team. Everyone participates in product design and user feedback gathering by meeting with doctors, bioinformaticians, and everyone in-between. We're very interested in doing quality software engineering in the genomics space (historically, biological discovery has taken priority IMO) and also in experimenting in new technologies/languages.

Sharing genomics data and tools is hard. We're attempting to set the standard for how genomics data is shared in a federated data sharing model (many institutions build subsites that talk to one another) rather than the centralized model (one or two centralized databases that every institution submits data to). This results in an environment that's always presenting new challenges, which is great if you're into that! Anything that's worth doing can be stressful at times, but the fact that we are working on something that's altruistic (in general, advancing cures for kids with catastrophic diseases) is what keeps me motivated.

Re: working at St. Jude

Last, I'll just make a quick plug that St. Jude is a great place to work: we were recently voted the number one place to work for Gen Z: https://www.nshss.org/media/30907/2018-all-companies_ranked....! We consistently make the top 30-ish companies in the world. Last, you're working on something that's truly making a difference, so it's a really positive environment.

Re: remote vs. on-site

For these positions, we're considering both on-site and remote arrangements. I'd like to say upfront that on-site has worked better than remote for us so far. My gut feeling is that this is due to the nature of the work we're doing (building a product where an end-user sits right next to you) and the fact that the rest of our team is on-site. Don't let that deter you from applying if you are remote only and are excited by this opportunity! Just be sure to specify in your cover letter.

Re: is biological/genomics experience required?

No, although the willingness to learn genomics is required. We're looking to hire strong software engineers for these positions, we have plenty of domain expertise in-house!

For anything more, email me!

I'm assuming you're the hiring person behind the positions, but I would like to make sure I address the cover letter correctly. Should I address it to you? Also, is the remote option available on the associate job(s)? I'm not against moving to Memphis, but would prefer remote.

Sure! You can address to me, or you can just address it "to whom it may concern" (there are a few HPC positions in those job postings, so that would be a different manager). We're not going to count it against you either way :).

My advice on the cover letter is to just be honest about your situation. If you're only going consider remote, let us know that. If you prefer remote but would consider on-site as you say here, let us know that too! It's all going to come down to a discussion about whether we're the right fit for you and you're the right fit for us, so it benefits both sides to be as candid as possible (just my two cents).

If you're thinking about applying, it doesn't hurt to email me and just say that you applied from the HN post so I can keep my eye out for it!

Thank you! I went through the online application process, but missed the place for a cover letter. Instead, when I clicked the last "Proceed to the next form", it told me my application had been submitted.

So I'm emailing you now with a cover letter and another attachment of my resumé. Hope you don't mind!

Not a problem at all, I'll get it sorted. If you could include a sentence or two on what tripped you up, I'll relay that to our HR department to make it more clear for future applicants.

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