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Serotiny | Bay Area, CA | Lead Back-End Engineer (First Hire, full-time)

We're a recently funded synthetic biology company that has built the beginnings a biologically-aware API for designing novel genetic machines.

At Serotiny we invent proteins to cure cancers and genetic diseases. We help design proteins involved in CAR-T therapies, CRISPR systems and other multi-domain protein therapeutics. See https://serotiny.bio/notes/proteins/

We're looking for a first hire who wants to help architect our digital infrastructure, up to and including developing novel synthetic biology data structures and algorithms for working with them.

Our API is currently written in Go - the front-end is written with Ember. Ideally you have shipped code, want to build a company's digital infrastructure, and want to learn some biochemistry (prior knowledge not required).


This is some cool stuff. Contact information? Would love to keep in touch.

My email address is my first name at serotiny.bio


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