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Show HN: Bumper-Sticker Computer Science (1985) Flashcards (nlaz.github.io)
19 points by nlazaris on Sept 2, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I remember most of these from reading Programming Pearls years ago so a lot of them came back from that, but a big hint to completing these is that the correct answer in this multiple-choice setup is usually the only one that is grammatically correct for the sentence. It would be more of a test for the unfamiliar readers if more of the "wrong" answers read like they could be correct.

Otherwise, fun to see these again! My favorite that was not included here (from memory): It's easier to make a 4" mirror then a 6" mirror, than it is to make a 6" mirror.

Hey yardshop, that's helpful to hear. We are playing around with different card types for our site. We are trying to balance difficulty and convenience.

Glad to hear you enjoyed them. Sorry about missing your favorite one. We just added :)

This is pretty neat. Super simple, but potentially expandable. I could see this being really useful before a interview.

Thanks rememberlenny!

Hey HN, I made this tool to help myself and other programmers improve their skills. This a flashcard deck from a favorite source of mine, Jon Benteley's Bumper Sticker Computer Science. Would love to know if you enjoy the flashcards. Thanks in advance!

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