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Unannounced YC Company seeking first hire (programmer/jack of all trades)
on Oct 13, 2010 | hide
We're an unannounced YC company, but you may have heard of us (millions have). We're profitable, and we're looking to hire a smart all-around programmer as our first hire. It's a cliche, but we want people who like tackling complicated problems. Not all the problems we face are complicated or hard, certainly, but we like doing weird new things that haven't been tried, and that usually requires some elbow grease.

Depending on the task, we program in Ruby (on Rails), Javascript (a lot of this), PHP, Python, Objective-C (iPhone), and Java (Android). Flexibility is a plus.

We like pragmatic people who get things done. Those things shouldn't blow up down the road, but they also don't have to be theoretically optimal, especially if it's something experimental that might end up being a waste of time anyway.

And we like people who don't put themselves in a box. You should be comfortable thinking about the product as a whole, and how changes are going to impact the hundreds of thousands of people who use it regularly. You don't have to be world class at everything, but you should be willing to get your hands dirty with everything from database design to javascript to system administration to customer support and customer development. You'll learn a lot.

We're profitable, make the lives of hundreds of thousands of people better every month, have a rapidly expanding user base, and napping is an encouraged part of our corporate culture. Even better, this is a company run by smart programmers, so you'll never have to explain the obvious to a pointy haired boss. The majority of customer emails you answer will mention how much they love the site.

Basically, you'll get to be the first employee of a small successful startup, while getting a paycheck and equity, and feeling good about the impact you're having on the world.

If you're interested in building something great, and you live in Silicon Valley, send email about yourself to recycledthrowaway@gmail.com.

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