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I'm only vaguely familiar with the Kardashian name, assumed your peers would be other males and thought CK was a male brand. Quoted your comment to a friend referencing social media peer pressure, and they said:

"Is this men or women posing? [..] the language about models and comparison to the Kardashians... and also the contempt... make me think they're talking about women."

When I questioned it:

"I mean, you have to admit, speaking with that kind of contempt about /men/ is a tad less common"

And then shows me that CK does clothes for women, there are no (living) male Kardashians of note, and the Kardashian women have done a CK photoshoot.

I don't know what to make of this, except you might want to know you're apparently telegraphing "contempt for women" loudly enough for it to come through on a second hand reading.

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