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You're either popular among your friends, unaware of your current social status, or aware and okay with it. Social media, acts a quantification of popularity metrics. The most attractive and popular people get the most engagement on social media, and the least attractive or least popular get the least engagement. For teens, it's a lot harder to ignore your own social status, since all of your socialization takes place in what amounts to a closed system (school and clubs).

Yeah, look, frankly, I am pretty popular among my friends. I'll acknowledge that. But I don't like social media because I'm getting a tonne of engagement with everything I post, or because I pull 300 likes on my newest profile picture, etc.

I like it because it helps me meet up with people in person, reach out to those who I wouldn't otherwise be in contact with, and see the passions, opinions and activities of my friends and peers.

Let's not suggest that social media is what it takes to realize you are unpopular as a teenager.

Social media is a constant, unyielding reminder of exactly how popular you are. It doesn't turn off when you go home, and all of your friends are on it.

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