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You don't learn guitar with one blog post.

This is more abstract than guitar. There is not one technic you can follow.

Those skills use less the intellectual part of the brain and more the emotional one. It makes them hard to mass teach because words suck for explaining them.

I don't have a simple solution to offer, as I learned it by trial and errors, and also luck.

Therapy helped me but it's not scalable. Meditation too but it's very slow, and good luck to make teenagers practice it seriously. I would still recommand them, with the warning that quality vary hugely between practicians.

Lots of good books have helped as well. They are useless without practice though.

Because in the end, the only way to learn is to be in the situation, react differently and evaluate, then adapt.

Anyway, to all those with these challenges, good luck. It's possible to live an happy life as a square in a circle world. But it does requires to adapt and you may be the only one in charge to find a way.

Despite my seemingly pessimistic view on the topic, a positive way of seing this is to say : hey, nobody did it, let's make a website with plenty of content, practical examples in videos and exercices for those who need it.

You'd need a dozen of contributors with different social background and gender to make something that's worth it.

Things need to be very visual, so acting will be important. You need kids to be part of it as you'd get out of date easily. You'd need to remove judgement out of it. Not the right place to get your "drug are bad" messages through is.

Repetition is important, but sustainable progression is another. Practicing those skills will get you in trouble at first.

But more importantly, the emphasis must be based on real experiences from the teaching and in the exercices.

Hard to get righ. Interesting challenge.

A nice idea to explore.

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