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Hey. Can you give us some more context of your novel writing in Markdown? I'd be interested in your process.

Sure. The technical side of things is explained here: http://www.gabrielgambetta.com/tgl_open_source.html (same link as above). If you're more interested in the creative aspect, I wrote a bit here: http://www.gabrielgambetta.com/tgl_swiss_trains.html. If you're interested in anything not covered there, feel free to ask, I'll be happy to share :)

"Soon the structure underlying The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol was laying bare before my eyes. I could see why the stories worked.

I had reverse-engineered Dan Brown."

Could you talk a little more in depth about what Dan Brown's pattern/structure is?

I get that request a lot, so I'll have to write something about it :)

All I can offer right now is my raw notes, which are in Spanish. This is a structural analysis of Angels and Demons, The da Vinci Code, and The Lost Symbol: https://imgur.com/bX6ByJA

This is an one-page treatment of the three books, with the "blanks" filled appropriately for each: https://imgur.com/LlDVUKn

I doubt any of this is groundbreaking. Story structure is a widely studied topic (and one that I find fascinating). But it seems like Dan Brown uses a very well defined, customised version of this, that makes for engaging, fast-paced books.

I sort of proved (for myself, at least) that this works, by writing a novel whose structure was originally based on this pattern (although it later diverged a bit), and which causes the expected effect - a couple of readers have read it in a single sitting :)

Very interesting! Could you maybe provide those links in text form, so that we may run them through Google Translate? ;-)

English translation done!

Thanks for the second link! This is exactly what I meant.

EDIT One more question. How do you write dialogues in MD?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but there's nothing special about dialogue in MD. Quotation marks, inner thoughts in italics.

  "It's just some text between quotation marks", Gabriel typed. *Have I completely misunderstood his question?*

No, that's exactly that. Thank you!

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