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Yes, and you can merge changes too.

Classic Word workflow: I make a document and send it to my boss; he makes some changes but suggests further research etc. and sends me his altered version, but I stupidly work on my own version. Making this right takes like four clicks.

Syncdocs [0] is also pretty good for merging and tracking changes between Word and Google Docs. It also has a feature with real-time collaboration between Google Docs and Word.

[0] https://www.syncdocs.com/

I have been searching for this for a long time and not able to achieve it without resorting to manual copy and paste from one doc to the other.

This sounds like utopia. :-) Do you have a link to a page that outlines these steps?

It works if you don't change formatting, don't edit the same section, don't rearrange chapters and don't have lots of changes or a large document. You do any of that, and the application crashes.

It's good for a small fix, but not something to rely upon in your main documentation workflow.

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