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Tools, Track Changes, Compare Documents ...


Had this forever, here's a visual on old version of Word:


For more advanced, try legal blacklining:


Or combine multiple sources of a similar document:


None of that is version control. At best that's a visual based manual patch file tool.

That you can't concat two word files together in 2018 is ridiculous.

> That you can’t concat two word files

Of course you can!

# cat word1.doc word2.doc > word3.doc

Sounds ludicrous? So does your statement.

Setting aside the hyperbole, I believe it would be a conceptual nightmare to start defining concat of two docs. For simple cases, feel free to make copy pasta :-)

> I believe it would be a conceptual nightmare to start defining concat of two docs.

Just append the pages of document 2 to the end of document 1. Then the user can decide whether to remove the page break introduced by it. I have this in my env for doing this with PDF:

  $ cat =concatpdf
  if [ "$1" = "to" ]; then
      gs -q -sPAPERSIZE=letter -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=$*
      echo Usage: concatpdf to out.pdf in.pdf in2.pdf in3.pdf
The peculiar syntax with "to" ensures that I do not invocate it incorrectly.

    $ pandoc file1.md file2.md -o file.docx
Tada, I two files into one word file.

It isn't difficult. TeX and LaTeX have been doing it since the 70s and 80s respectively.

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