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What don't I use it for?

+ Static websites from any input to html

+ Markdown & TeX & References to pdf for academia

+ Generating manpages for new tools

+ Generating ebooks

... Let's just say I get a bit lost when it isn't available.

> + Generating manpages for new tools

Do any of your tools use long options (prefixed with a double dash)? If so, make sure you disable the "smart" extension, otherwise you might end up with en dashes.

Aye. I've got several long lists of options, depending on the project. Manpages might have been the most fiddly to get right.

OP said he doesn't use pandoc for such things. It's a list of things that have better tooling.

Maybe he edited his post, but it now ends with "... Let's just say I get a bit lost when it isn't available. " suggesting that he actually does use pandoc for stated tasks.

I'm sorry if it came across that way. The list is what I use pandoc for. I use it for a lot, so much that I think I use it for every project.

I found it confusing too. You were supposed to use interrobangs (‽) instead of "?" :)

Would that not only be applicative if I were making an exclamation? Whilst instead, I was making a statement.

It sounded like a rhetorical question, and based on the context that you use it for a lot of things, I sensed a bit on excitement there too, and thus the exclamation.. like "Isn't that awesome‽".

What do you use for ebooks? Asciidoc?

A mix. Depends on the book.

For novels, I tend to just use Markdown, as kerning will be done in CSS.

For academics, I use LaTeX and Asciidoc together, but some paragraphs might be inserted in various other formats - whatever is easier. The build tool doesn't care what the format is, it'll take any input pandoc accepts.

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