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I use Pandoc to convert directories of Markdown files into static HTML websites.

Here's the build command for responsive.style[1]:

    pandoc $file -f markdown -t html5 -H templates/header-prod.html -B templates/nav.html -A templates/footer-prod.html -o (echo "../$file" | sed '$s/\.md$/.html/') -s  --data-dir=./ --highlight-style breezedark --variable=file:(echo "$file" | sed '$s/\.md$/.html/')
Works beautifully!

1: https://github.com/tomhodgins/responsive.style/blob/master/s...


I wrote up a tool as well, with navigation and prev/next links: http://www.unexpected-vortices.com/sw/rippledoc/index.html

I know Blot.im as one static site generator that uses it: https://github.com/davidmerfield/Blot/blob/master/app/models...

Hakyll is another: https://jaspervdj.be/hakyll/

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