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I love pandoc. I've been using it intermittently for years to turn my Markdown and org-mode documents into other formats. Just wish it would take Asciidoc as an input format.

Asciidoctor and the other asciidoc tools do the job that I use pandoc for: tables, custom numbering, all the other markdown extensions that one needs to be able to create a highly structured document. With Asciidoc, you don't need md extensions. It's all in there.

Ya, I've been using Asciidoctor and Asciidoctor-pdf for long time. Those are some awesome tools, too.

I mainly use Asciidoc for two reasons. 1) Ability to include external code snippets. This is not possible in pandoc without installing the pandoc-iclude-code filter which doesn't have Windows binaries. I am on Windows. 2) Tables. Asciidoc has powerful support for tables. You can create tables that include rowspan and colspan among other features. You can even specify an external CSV file as a table.

I tried creating a workflow from Asciidoc through Pandoc to MS Word but that didn't work so well. Tables being the biggest issue.

There is useful discussion on the issue regarding Asciidoc


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