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I may be feeling a touch pedantic, perhaps I just live in a different world being on the ISP side, but the Internet is not centralised at all. Large quantities of traffic ends up going to certain central locations, but the network itself is decidedly decentralised. Just look at LINX for example and the other major IXs, nobody there is telling everyone else where to send their packets, they just go where needed. In fact LINX as an organisation is a members organisation run by its members with each one, big or small, having one vote.

IXs, BGP, RIRs like RIPE, and the proliferation around the globe of access ISPs, all prove how decentralised the Internet is.

But if the point the article is trying to make is "all this content is being hosted in fewer and fewer locations and that's bad" then I completely agree. It damages choice and hugely increases the blast radius of service outages.

Now if Amazon and Facebook started offering end user connectivity, that's the time to really worry. cough Google.

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