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There's also a book on the subject called "Div, Grad, Curl and all that"


which I would highly recommend to physics-minded folks, but would not recommend at all to maths-minded folks.

> would not recommend at all to maths-minded folks.

Why not?

I bought the book (a long time ago) thinking I was going to get something exactly like what the OP video is: a mathematical explanation of what the tools do, with some intuitive link between - say - the formula for div and why it measures how much a vector field does indeed "diverge" locally.

Instead, the whole book tries to explain the 3 tools using electrostatics as an intuitive justification for how they behave. Ugh.

To me, the way electromagnetic fields behave is no particularly intuitive or natural, and the way I do - sort of - manage to understand Maxwell's equations is because I have an intuitive feel for what grad, div and curl do to vector fields.

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