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NL2Bash – Generating bash commands from natural language (github.com/tellinatool)
36 points by lainon on Aug 27, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

I hope this will not combine safety of Bash with clarity of natural language through reliability of machine learning.

I wonder why it doesn't use Webpack.

I really wish there was a Web service that would let me point it to a GitHub repo and then get an ephemeral URL running Jupyter or something hooked up to a GPU. That would be cool.

I want to poke this for 4.89 seconds, see how bad it is, take a couple of screenshots and move on.

OK Bash: remove objects, recursively, starting at the root directory. Oh, and don't preserve root. Yes, just do it. Thank you!

Can we turn this into a NN that explains bash commands in natural language?

Not entirely what you want but still a step in the direction: https://www.explainshell.com/about

“I see you are confused about when to use single square brackets vs doubled based on the number of times you’ve tried both. And failed I might add”

Has anyone tried running this? I wonder how long does the training take.

I didn't look at the raw data, but no awk in the top 50?

It was mentioned in the paper (https://arxiv.org/abs/1802.08979): commands that correspond to non-Bash language interpreters were filtered out from the dataset and `awk` and `sed` were filtered out because they are the interpreters of string processing languages.

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