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MacBook Pro 2017 getting hot while charging via left hand side USB-C port (igorkromin.net)
4 points by ikromin on Aug 25, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

I mainly use left hand port for charging and also noticed that the laptop would get hot to the touch when charging. This, in addition to heating due to workload makes the computer a bit unpleasant to the touch.

Have you also found that right-hand ports don't make it heat up?

I haven’t tried that to tell you for sure, but will today and come back to you.


Had 2 working days to observe temperature when charging and under load, and the machine gets noticeable hot when charging using both sides.

Probably unnoticeable difference to touch, but thermometer will give more accurate results, like the article points out.

Thanks for checking up on this. I hope newer models won't have this issue.

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