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Former SpaceX Flight Software Engineer here.

Agree about WarpDrive being pretty amazing for all the stuff it did. Although amazing things tend to just clump up from all the features that you need, and you end up with an app that is hard to manage.

As someone who interfaced with the Warp system (both software and the organization), I agree with @cbanek. The number of features and the custom nature of it are impressive, but for anyone who had to deal with the politics of improving the system, it was a nightmare. There was (continues to be?) an effort to deconstruct the monolith, but it was a very painful process. Motives from different departments were in constant competition. Getting something done in Warp meant calling hours of meetings and getting the ear of a director/VP who would champion your cause -- and an associated PM that would be ready to serve said VP. This process was so backwards that, if the actual technical work that went in didn't burn someone out, the politics sure could.

It wasn't all bad. There were other groups at X that provided pretty amazing tools for people to get things done (thanks, @cbanek and friends!)

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