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A few months into my stint at Google, my manager's manager arranged for a group tour of their datacenter in The Dalles. Walking around this temple of technology, thinking about all the people whose data these machines were managing, I had a horrible, stomach-turning feeling of wrongness slowly come over me. If this is the solution, I thought, we must be asking the wrong questions: the whole point of personal computing was to give people control over their own data, to eliminate the need for a technological priesthood like this one. What am I doing here? I can't be part of this. - And soon I wasn't.

Interesting. What was your next move after Google?

Joined a friend's startup; didn't work out. Went back to dev tools (Coverity); didn't work out. Joined a friend's startup; just got acquired, seems to be working out well so far (http://vertex.ai).

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