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I'm currently using Hetzner Cloud in production. Not for user-facing services, but background data churning. Very happy with the service so far, and it has a Terraform plugin, which makes it convenient to use.

I think the feature-set and cost are in proportion, if you see what I mean. Compared to AWS EC2 its a great value proposition.

Interestingly, they recently announced a 'dedicated vCPU' option for about 10x the price. Top option is €269 vs €29, 32 GB vs 128 GB RAM. But I'v found the performance of the default product to be perfectly good for my needs.

The major shortfall with Hetnzer I have found is that the storage isn't scalable. You get what you get. You can choose SSD RAID or Ceph, but you still get the same allowance.

I'd love to hear from anyone else using it.

Edit: not Hetzner's traditional servers. I've used those too, and they're great value for money if you get them through their server bidding offering.

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