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>Case in point - where's the competitor for the Mac App Store on macOS? There's not. Users have to do all the legwork themselves.

Yeah, double-clicking that DMG and dragging the .app 30 pixels to the Applications shortcut is a lot of work.

>That's literally no different than side-loading your own apps.

Yup, clicking and dragging is the same as configuring a different machine to properly build and provision.

Stop being obtuse. People have to find the software they want first and then download the DMG from somewhere which usually involves ignoring a billion fake "DOWNLOAD NOW" buttons. The App Store is a trusted platform with literally one click find an app and one click to install.

You're being purposely disingenuous.

What? First of all my main argument was that installing outside the App Store is much easier on MacOS than it is on iOS.

Second: many, many sites host their own DMG downloads, with zero fake download buttons. I don't think searching for an app's website on Google is significantly harder than searching for an app in the App Store (also I'm not sure typing in search terms is "one click", but whatever). I'll admit that using the App Store is slightly less work to install stuff, and somewhat more secure.

But from a user standpoint (I use a Mac with one or two App Store apps and dozens of DMG-installer-based apps) it's not a huge difference. And from a developer standpoint, that's not worth 30% of my revenue.

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