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I was looking into it a bit before. The smallest RDS instance was like 11 dollars per month and can't use spot instances (naturally).

If you do use spot instance with a local postgres on EBS, it comes down to about 4 dollars per month all together. With instance store, that should be around 3 dollars.

These are for t2 micro. If you use bigger instances, the money difference will be huge.

RDS is just way too expensive for small projects.

$11/month is too expensive for a small project?

It's my private project of trying to build an interesting browser plug-in using aws services. I want to keep the costs super low since I need it running all the time but will only use a handful of computers running my plugins while developing.

I do it partly to learn about aws features, partly because I would like if this plug-in existed myself and it doesn't :)

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