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200k to retire on? And you guys each got 20k at the age of 18 for the sole reason that chance had you born to those particular parents?

I suppose your parents or grandparents were suffering so much that they were willing to pay " $120K towards a 1000sqft 1 story ranch"

you know, my soul is shattered to tears that you personally especially have been treated so badly by fortune.

This isn't the "Ovarian Lottery" Warren Buffet talks about. I doubt anything I say could get through to someone clearly after troll bait and offering no insight.

Each of us worked harder than most people who complain about being slighted by the hand of fate. I started working on the farm when I was 10 and continued helping out until I was 19. It ranks below minimum wage. As for my parents, you think that chastising their frugality and having a paid for house within their means is something to mock? Really?

Farming ranks as one of the 10 most dangerous occupations; you can be injured in pretty much any way imaginable. In fact my father was. Once while my brother was in high-school and again when I was. We each did our part staying home from school running things until my father was recovered on both counts. Trust me, 1.2 million over the course of 30 years isn't as much as it would seem.

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