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New E.P.A. Rollback of Coal Pollution Regulations Takes a Major Step Forward (nytimes.com)
3 points by yaseen-rob on Aug 21, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Would you move your family downwind from a coal plant? Why or why not?

Coal ash pollutes air, water, rain (acid rain), crops (our food), and soil. Which rights of victims does coal pollution infringe? Who is liable for the health effects?

Canada (2030), France (2021), and the UK (2025) are all working to entirely phase out coal-fired power plants for very good reasons (such as neonatal health).

~"They're just picking on coal": No, we're choosing renewables that are lower cost AND don't make workers and citizens sick.

If you can mine for coal, you can set up solar panels and wind turbines.

If you can run a coal mine; you can buy some cheap land, put up solar panels and wind turbines, and connect it to the grid.

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