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I really don't understand the problem. From NY to just outside Philadelphia, I-95 is part of the Jersey Turnpike. Then the Jersey turnpike is suddenly labeled I-295, and I-95 teleports to the highway running through Philadelphia. You can see it from this map [1]. They both then meet up again in Wilmington, where they both merge into 1-95 again. Why not just keep the designation of I-95 on the Jersey Turnpike throughout the entirety of New Jersey?


Because the southern part of the NJ Turnpike (exits 6 through 1) is not constructed to Interstate standards at all points. Things like lane width, curve radius, visibility distance, shoulder space.

There are a lot of Interstates that don't meet Interstate standards, such as every one in NYC.

I read somewhere (looking for the link now) that back when the highway system was being planned, it was felt that i95 had to go through all the major cities down the eastern seaboard, and it would be an "insult" to Philadelphia to give its highway another designation.

Yes, it would have been be logical to simply redesignate the NJ Turnpike as i95 for its duration, and relabel the highway that goes through Philly with another number, but instead we got the craziness that exists till today.

The NJT is not I-295. I-295 runs about a mile or two west of the NJT.

In some cases about 50 yards west

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