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Glad they finished that. Now if they could just complete I-70 in Breezewood PA...

I knew I'd see something about Breezewood in here. For those who've never had the pleasure, just before you hit the PA Turnpike, there's a 500m gap in I-70 where you are forced to exit and reenter all while dodging a minefeild of gas stations, red lights and fast food. Those 500m can add 30 mins to your trip. It exists as a political aberration. In the 60's, the feds and state couldn't agree who should pay for an interchange connecting the two roads, so no one did. Like a stubborn wart on the highway system, Breezewood remains.

I think Breezewood would cease to exist if that happened. There's not a lot going on there besides confused drivers trying to figure out why they're not on the interstate any more.

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