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I'm sure it is just as amazing an experience to drive as it is to look at. The problem is that owning a car is a money-losing proposition. If you buy it new you lose up to 40% of the value just driving it off the lot. Another strategy might be to just buy the vehicle and keep it until the wheels fall off. That wont save you from losing on the transaction but at least you wont have to lose money every 3 years like you might with a cheaper car. Except that wont work with BMW. According to all stats I've been able to find (and I really looked for this because I wanted it to be worth owning one) they don't last any longer than their cheap counter parts but they cost a lot more to fix. The warranty isn't any longer. So that means I'd still have to do the same "piss away thousands every 3-5 years" but with numbers 2 or 3 times larger.

Yeah, she bought it 2 years used, for about 60% of it's original sticker price. They may not last longer than their cheaper counterparts, but while they last, they're extremely different. It's not a great value except in the fun/$ category, in which case I would say a used one blows most cars out of the water. Driving time/$, not so much.

My solution to this problem wrt cars was to buy a low-mileage used BMW off lease and learn to replace my own brakes (highest cost routine maintenance task). I'm making use of someone else's wastefulness (the previous owner) to subsidize my fancy car ownership, and paying less for the car than I would have paid for a new Ford or Toyota.

Yeah, this is what my girlfriend did, and it knocked about 40% off the new price, while still being only a couple years old and very low mileage.

I'll probably need to replace the brake pads myself after the warranty runs out, but for another few years, maintenance is supposedly comped.

That depends on the car. A low end Acura or BMW will only lose around 40% over the first 3 years and IMO knowing that you don't need to worry about repairs for 4 years is worth a fair amount by it's self.

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