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What about Jeff Dean?

Between 2000-2004: GFS, GroupVarInts, Snappy, Protocol Buffers, Google's cluster-management system, MapReduce, AdSense, BigTable, & a critical part of the Search serving stack that doesn't appear to be public.

Between 2011-2015: LevelDB, Google Brain, another important internal project that I don't think is public, and TensorFlow.

Between 2004-2011: Spanner, some work on Google Translate, and consultation for the replacements for GFS, Proto1, and MapReduce.

Certainly seems like clusters to me.

Isn’t that just one big cluster from 2000-2015? Or, was that your point?

It's two clusters, one centered around big data from 2000-2004, and another on large-scale machine-learning from 2011-2015. The middle period from 2004-2011 mostly just featured Spanner and helping other people pick up the torch for his accomplishments of 2000-2004. While Spanner is great and last I heard had one big client inside Google, it's hardly as impactful as GFS, Protobufs, MapReduce, Google's serving system, and BigTable were, nor as Brain, TensorFlow, and that other internal project are now.

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