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Looks interesting, but I found the fact that they say

| Be wary of aggressive performance claims, as benchmarks used by some of these projects are known to be out-of-date and flawed (in the sense that they can be - and are - exploited)

on a page full of aggressive performance claims[0] slightly ironic


Mithil maintainer here.

Guilty as charged. That page hasn't been updated since the v1.0 release, we've been focusing on code improvements.

V2 is around the corner (mostly bug fixes, some of which required subtle breaking changes (i.e. things that most users won't run into but it would not have been honest to make it a minor semver bump). We'll revisit the home page before the release.

Do you accept PRs for website and documentation? Thanks!

Mithril has a very open and inviting community and will definitely accept PRs. I reccomend popping into the Gitter channel if you’d like to discuss things further

Yes, they do. But parts are already in process of being updated, so be sure to check other branches!

I think what they are trying to say is that try everything yourself and see and don't just blindly believe in benchmarks.

And also mentioned on the same page is this :

In the spirit of demonstrating typical performance characteristics, the benchmarks presented in this comparison page are implemented in an apples-to-apples, naive, idiomatic way (i.e. the way you would normally write 99% of your code) and do not employ tricks or advanced optimizations to make one or other framework look artificially better. You are encouraged to contribute a PR if you feel any DbMonster implementation here could be written more idiomatically.

I remember that this page even had wrong claims on it years ago.

I think they were the left bar on the original comparison post


I got fooled back in the days, now I avoid that fraud.

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