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Show HN: Favioli – Replace blank tab icons with unique per-domain emoji (eligrey.com)
94 points by Sephr 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Since I'm a tab hoarder I much prefer a browser that can have tabs on the side, like Vivaldi: http://blog.tjago.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/vivaldi-tabs... (the browser is configurable so the tabs can be placed top, left, right, bottom of the window).

And if you don't know Vivaldi, it's a browser made by a co-founder of Opera, and it uses the Chromium engine so it's more or less Chrome: it has the same dev tools, and Chrome Extensions work on it.

That was a link straight to the extension page. This blog post published on August 17th is a technical deep dive by Ben on making Favioli.

Congrats! Great idea and clean implementation.

As a suggestion, same way you override default icon based on regexp, it would be useful if it could override also page title; i.e using facebook, web whatsapp in the office without (visually) being noticed :)

Moreover, you could add a preset of "useful" page overrides ;)

I just started using Favioli and really like it. Thanks so much.

this is sick. maybe you could do something with animated/changing emojis and gifs, sort of how gmail has (used to have?) an inbox counter that would change.

Dynamic emoji are cool but animated emoji might get annoying eventually.

I made a script[1] for https://eligrey.com that dynamically shows a speech balloon emoji when it detects that any input fields on a page have been modified (and reverts to the previous favicon when all modifications are reset). I will probably add that script as an option for Favioli.

1. https://gist.github.com/eligrey/4df9453c3bc20acd38728ccba7bb...

gz for making it :)

I also know the struggle but i take the effort to create a favicon for internal tools. Helps me to have one favicon on every browser etc.

I dont understand, this is how TAB icons looked for me for the last 17 years.

The icon you normally see up in the tab is the "favicon" - simply a file at the root level called "favicon.ico" usually - that your browser knows to fetch.

Some sites do not have one. If you run a webserver with streaming logs, and point chrome to it - you'll see requests for this favicon 404.

This extension replaces missing favicons with emoji for easier visual scanning

I haven't used it yet, but from the looks of it the icons are customizable too. If you don't like the favicon for a certain site you can overwrite it. Could be good for a few blogs that I read that haven't bothered changing the default wordpress favicon.

I didnt get those are custom emojis. Iv been browsing with >50-100 tabs open for at least 10 years and websites with broken/no favicon are very rare. Its usually servers you expect to be permanently broken, like https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/favicon.ico

Second paragraph of the article:

> The practical inspiration for Favioli came from my day job. We have a lot of internal tools and sites, and they tend to either not have favicons, or have the standard Sony logo. For me this was a bit of a pain, because I love to pin my tabs. I couldn’t tell these sites apart.

>internal tools and sites

why not fix internal servers?

Fix someone else's server? It doesn't work like that.

_internal_ usually implies inside your own company

You either don't understand the point or you're being obtuse. It exists because of the problem that you're suggesting is somehow a solution. Good luck getting everyone to change their favicons to your liking.

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