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Yes. Many of us don't give a rats ass about impressing anyone, that's not the point of a wedding.

The problem is a cultural narrative of "this is my perfect day!" This is what creates bridezilla out of otherwise very nice (but, not self-aware-enough) women.

That's the female narrative, we're on hacker news, I was assuming he was asking the male point of view. I certainly don't know any men who thought "this is my perfect day".

It's a wedding. In the majority of cases, the male point of view is irrelevant.

Also, as I said elsewhere in this thread, what a woman might say in theory or outside of planning mode is often quite different to how they'll act once things get real.

(Recently married for the second time, FWIW.)

> It's a wedding. In the majority of cases, the male point of view is irrelevant.

Which is probably why so many marriages end in divorce. If she's not mature enough to know the real purpose of a wedding and thinks it's about having her day to show off to her friends, then she's just not mature enough and she's selfish.

Catch her the second or third time around and see if she hasn't smartened up a bit and if the man's point of view doesn't carry more weight now.

> Recently married for the second time, FWIW.

Good luck with that!

Are you suggesting that a woman being obsessive about her wedding day is a character flaw?

I understand that they want the day to go well, since it is significant. But there's no need to step on people to achieve it.

Yes, one they outgrow with each wedding.

Yes it is!

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